We make our tonics by infusing plants in organic alcohol for a minimum of 4-6 weeks.

Tonics are a convenient way to use herbal medicines, easily portable and with a long shelf life if stored properly. They can be taken straight from the bottle, or diluted in a little water. For people who are avoiding alcohol, the dose can be steeped in warm water for a few minutes so that the alcohol evaporates. Tonics are made with a combination of herbs, and tinctures refer to single herbs (simples).

Tonics are effective because different herbs affect individuals in a variety of ways and at different stages of disease, so a combination increases the chance of providing a remedy, giving several approaches to the healing process. Tonics are especially useful for novice herbalists, allowing for more experimentation.

Ingredients with an * are plants that we gather or grow ourselves. All others are purchased from a reputable supplier and may be wild-crafted or organically cultivated.

Adrenal Tonic
(Wild Yam root, Bladder wrack, Licorice): Modern lifestyles place a lot of stress on our adrenal glands. This tonic helps revitalize these essential glands, and is good to take during stressful times, when recovering from illness or as we age.
(Wild Yam, Prickly Ash, Willow Bark *, Turmeric): It is a rare person that does not feel the effect of inflammation from time to time, and research is beginning to reveal the full effect that inflammatory conditions have on our health and well-being, often causing chronic problems.
(Wormwood, Black Walnut, Garlic *, Cayenne): Brain Tonic (Ginkgo, Skullcap *, Peppermint *, Gotu Kola): Stimulates blood circulation and nerve cell metabolism, providing the opportunity to increase alertness and memory.
Cold Care
(Yarrow *, Elderflowers, Boneset *, Feverfew): Helps you deal with the symptoms of colds and ‘flu such a congestion, sore throat, fever and headache. See also Decongest and Osha Compound.
(Mullein *, Boneset *, St. Johnswort *, Raspberry *): Strengthens your response to sinus conditions, cold and ‘flu symptoms, coughs, hay fever and asthma. Also useful to break up smoker’s congestion.
Digest Aid
(Peppermint *, Catnip *, Chamomile, Ginger): Offers relief from the discomfort of indigestion, flatulence, heartburn and nausea. A good tonic to take with you when you travel.
Female Tonic
(Bearberry *, Partridgeberry *, Motherwort *, Raspberry *): Useful during pregnancy and menopause and following birth, miscarriage or surgery. Helps regulate menstrual cycles and reduce discomfort.
Gum Tonic
(Yarrow *, Prickly Ash, Self Heal *, Myrrh): Combines an Edgar Cayce remedy with a Native American treatment for toothache, gum disease or receding gums. May be rubbed on gums or diluted to use as a mouth rinse.
Heal All
(Comfrey *, Dandelion, Self Heal *, Clover): Designed specifically for relief of chronic health problems and to support the healing process during convalescence or whenever we are “rundown”. Supports liver function and helps eliminate stress-related toxins.
Heart Tonic
(Hawthorn *, Motherwort *, Cayenne): Helps lower blood pressure by dilating blood vessels and improving circulation. Provides support in rebuilding heart muscles and lowers cholesterol.
Immune Enhance
(Echinacea, Goldenseal, Usnea *): A wonderfully bitter tonic for strengthening the body’s defenses. Use at the onset of illness to reduce the severity and duration of the attack. Use daily during the ‘flu season and during convalescence.
Lactation Tonic
(Borage *, Fennel, Nettles *): Helps promote milk production and replenishes minerals. A good gift for a nursing mom!
Liver Tonic
(Milk Thistle, Burdock, Dandelion, Yellow Dock): Bitter herbs to stimulate liver function. Poor liver health is often the underlying cause of chronic conditions and this tonic can help the liver to optimal function.
Male Tonic
(Saw Palmetto, Common Sarsaparilla *, Yarrow *, Raspberry *): These herbs were selected for a general revitalizing effect on reproductive and urinary organs. Also helps to relieve prostate discomfort.
Menopause Tonic
(Wild Yam, Yellow Dock, Spikenard, Motherwort *, Vitex): Herbs selected to ease the hormonal disruption during transition from the reproductive phase of life.
Mineral Extra
(Dandelion, Comfrey *, Horsetail *, Nettles *, Bladderwrack): Using plants high in calcium, iron and trace minerals, this is a good general tonic, useful for strengthening bones and for any times when we may have depleted mineral reserves, such as during pregnancy or menopause, or after strenuous exercise.
Nerve Tonic
(Blue Vervain, Evening Primrose *, Motherwort *, St. Johnswort *): A combination to strengthen the nervous system, assisting in repairing damaged nerves. Helpful in the treatment of depression and stress-related illnesses, as well as in the repair of nerve damage such as carpel tunnel syndrome. Also helpful for people with anxiety and sleeplessness.
Osha Compound
(Osha root, Hyssop, Elecampane, Lobelia, Cherry bark, Mullein *): A customer once asked us to make this and we liked it so much that we adopted it! It is very effective for coughs and often works when all else has failed. Good to have on hand for the winter cold season.
Pain Relief Tonic
(Wintergreen *, Willow Bark *, Feverfew, Crampbark *): Herbs chosen to reduce pain. Feverfew is especially helpful intreating migraine and nerve pain, while Crampbark, as the name suggests, is an antispasmodic. Willow and Wintergreen. are both high in salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin.
Sleep Easy
(Chamomile, Catnip *, Blue Vervain, Skullcap *): A non-addictive tonic to help you relax and let go of the stress that may be preventing sleep.
Urinary Tonic
(Bearberry *, Pipsisewa, Cleavers, Goldenrod, Gravel Root *, Dandelion): A strengthening diuretic for the urinary tract. Helps prevent recurrent infections and dissolve kidney stones. Use to strengthen muscles to help treat and prevent incontinence.